Belouis Investment Group - Testimonials
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John & Jean
Michele & Michelle
Mick & Sonya
Damian & Cassandra
Nicola & Steve
Peter & Jodie
Nicole & Kelvin
Anthony & Pascale
Casey & Christopher
the Grech Family

Alan & Jodie Kelly – Macquarie Links, NSW

We first met Mark and the team whilst we were on a family holiday on the Gold Coast in January 2015. Prior to that we had been thinking about our future and whether we were able to afford an investment property given we had an existing mortgage on our family home. At the time I had done what I thought was enough research to fully understand the best way to set ourselves up. That was until I spent a couple of hours with Mark and his team as they were able to simplify the process and give us a clear understanding of how easy it is to set up provided it was done the right way. At the time Mark had a couple of properties for us to choose and we left there very excited on making our dream come true. Shortly after we signed up on our first investment property and would have to say the process was so easy due to the fabulous team at Belouis. 18 months later our future plan continues to grow and we are now in the process of building our second investment property. This couldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Belouis and we are well underway on paying off our family home and build wealth for the future. I would like to thank Mark and the team and look forward to a long lasting relationship.

Emina and Elvis Jasarevic – Gold Coast, Queensland

“Our first experience with Belouis has been very overwhelming but exciting, as we have never thought about that kind of pathway for our future. After the first consultation with Mark about investment properties it shed a new light in our future that we never thought was actually possible, because we are so busy working and just were paying off our mortgage for our house, but never thought that we could build our very first investment property with the help of Mark and Darren. Thank you for all the support and guidance throughout the steps of getting there were we are now. We are very excited to start our secure future with investment properties with the guidance from Belouis.


It has not changed our lifestyle at all; it has actually made us more aware to be more driven to pay off our mortgage faster and have the financial freedom that we have planned for our family, especially having a stable future for our child and to be able to offer her everything that she needs for the future. We would recommend Belouis to anyone out there, as it is a life changing experience that we thought was never possible until now as we thought only rich people are the ones that are able to buy investment properties, but with such excellent guidance and support from the great staff at Belouis you cannot go wrong. Thank you again for such great support and answering all our questions throughout the whole process.”

Terry and Kylie Gardiner – Taree, NSW

“I’m writing to tell you about our experience with Belouis and in particular Mark Abela. My husband was very keen but me being the sceptic was very wary, as we have had investment properties previously, not that they were a lot of work but what was needed had to be done by myself. From the moment my husband signed the contract to go ahead with our property we have literally had to do nothing.


Every detail has been seen to on our behalf by Mark and his team. We feel that Mark and his team go above and beyond the duties of their jobs as we receive follow-up phone calls which we did not with our previous properties. So on behalf of my husband and me, we would like to highly recommend Belouis and are in the process of purchasing another investment property.”

Mark and Lesley Linton – Logan, Queensland

“Lesley and I, with compassionate and understanding assistance from Belouis, have recently acquired our first investment home. We naturally were nervous; however, the simplicity of explanation and ease of operation has not interfered with our lifestyle at all. We are extremely confident the predicted benefits outlined will come to fruition, as every aspect of communication between Belouis and ourselves has been exemplary, professional and precise. We can strongly recommend Belouis. Their network of professionals with whom they operate is a relief and we have consistently received more than what was promised. We are delighted we have chosen Belouis and know that you will also benefit from your intended association.”

Bevan Millin – Bondi, NSW

“Belouis has overseen the construction of our new investment property with the builder and has made the whole process unbelievably painless and simple. Not only responsive to enquiries but has been patient explaining the building processes, next steps and what is required at each milestone. Belouis and their staff have been a pleasure to deal with”

Belouis First Home Buyers

Tavita & Michelle – Oxenford, Queensland

“We are so thankful to the Lord. Building our first home is a great opportunity for my family. It is going to set the foundation for my wife & I, our children, & our children’s children.”

Daniel & Chanelle – Pacific Pines, Queensland

Belouis made the process pleasurable & stress-free. We didn’t have to do anything. They offered us a family friendly service and we now we have a beautiful home to raise Elena in.

Witana & Fiona – Upper Coomera, Queensland

We have dreamed of being home owners for years in New Zealand, and in 6 short years living in Gold Coast Australia it is now our reality.  This is our future retirement and a legacy for our kids… we are so excited!

Stefan & Tessa – Pimpama, Queensland

Our house is ‘too much’ we tell our friends it’s easy as. We can’t believe how cruisey it was.