FAQ - Belouis Investment Group
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Frequently Asked

I already have a financial planner and accountant; would I benefit from your service?

Yes you absolutely would!

Here at Belouis, we are mortgage reduction specialists. We focus on your mortgage and what you could do to safely pay off your home faster.

We don’t replace your financial planner or accountant; we are happy to work alongside them to get the best outcome for you.

We sit with you and your family and provide you with a tailored service based on your options. We come out to you and your family in the comfort of your own home that allows you to compare what you have in place currently.

Will I be locked into anything?

Not at all! 


We have an obligation free five-step process which means you are not locked into anything until you make your final decision. 

The reason why we sit and draw out our concept with you is so you can compare your current situation and at every stage make an informed decision. 

The first meeting is us simply showing you our concept.


We come out to assess if we can help you, without you having to worry about any out of pocket expense. Our priority is to ensure you feel comfortable and build trust, you understand the full five step process and we communicate clearly with you. 

Does my partner need to be present at the appointment?

Yes they do;


Because you both feel the weight of paying off your mortgage, we believe it is important for you both to be present to ensure all questions are answered and both parties have a full understanding on how we can help you be better prepared for your future. 


With life getting increasingly busy we will ensure that we work around your timetable to suit your needs.

Who do I go to with any questions I have during the Belouis process?

After your first initial appointment, we will send you our digital book introducing you to the key people within Belouis. You will hear about their role in our company as well as their personal story and insight into who they are and how they will support you throughout your Belouis experience.


We are a passionate team of over 60 staff. Our digital booklet is important as it will give you a greater understanding of the five step process which is part of the overall ‘Belouis Experience’.

I googled Belouis and can see you have had a couple of name changes.

Originally Belouis traded as Develop Holdings Investment for some time, the partners within the company shared different viewpoints on directions they wanted to go on, as a result the managing Director bought out the partners and established Belouis Investment Group which is central to the Managing Directors family name.