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Think Big – Be, Do, Have

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Think Big – Be, Do, Have

Think big – be, do, have

Traditional thinking – and common sense – leads us to believe that the formula for achievement is,




Once I have what I desire, I can do the right things and then be the person I want to be. You hear examples of this thinking all the time,

“Once I retire I will start enjoying my life.” (When I no longer have to work, I will do the things I want to do, and be the person I want to be.)

“This year I’m going to get fit so that I can feel better about myself.” (Once I have a body I am comfortable with, I can adjust my way of thinking about myself and be a better person.”

It makes sense, after all, surely you can’t be someone else, until what you do and have changes.

Except there are numerous examples of very successful people who did just that, and even more examples of unknown average people doing it every day. People who understand that if you can change your mindset, you can transform your actions, and as a result achieved far more than you could possibly expect.

It makes sense when you think about it – if you’re thinking is in the right place, your actions will be more effective and you will achieve better outcomes. Once you can mentally put yourself in a state where you have already achieved your goals, then your actions towards that goal will be far more in line with what needs to be done.

If you were looking for someone to make you $1 million, would you ask a millionaire or someone who really wanted to be one?

Put yourself into the mindset of the millionaire, and you will find yourself in a much more resourceful mindset, comfortable with taking fearless action and comfortable doing things that may have previously intimidated you.

Sports psychologists use this all the time, asking their players to visualise crossing the finish line first, scoring a try or kicking a goal. You can use visualisation in your own life also, through imagining not only achieving your outcome, but how it will feel when you get there. Put yourself in your own future shoes and embrace the feeling of success.

First, you be the person you want to be.

Then you will take the right actions.

And finally, you will achieve the outcomes you want.

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