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How Can Belouis help?

How Can Belouis help?

At Belouis Investment Group we’ve got services that we are good at – tax minimisation, mortgage reduction, and access to some great properties. But our real strength lies in our understanding of the Queensland property market. It’s no secret that many experts consider Sydney and Melbourne to be expensive – not only for the market but when taking into account long-term indicators. Queensland has become the real estate hotspot in Australia with comparably lower pricing, strongly underpinned by solid economic indicators. This is probably helped by the fact that Queensland was almost written off a few years ago as the mining boom began to slow, but the state has responded extraordinarily well. We now have short and long-term infrastructure projects in place, along with added diversity to our core business offering – tech, digital and other advanced industries are taking the lead in this. State and government subsidies for these industries is growing confidence, and small businesses are thriving as large businesses experience growth.

The value we bring is understanding the best areas to invest in, and the long-term prospects for those areas. The mining boom may be over, but Queensland still has some hidden treasures.

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