When do I start buying property? - Belouis Investment Group
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When do I start buying property?

When do I start buying property?

This week we are talking about the best time to buy property. The old cliché says that the ideal time to buy property is yesterday, and the next best time is today. However, this is a massive oversimplification. In fact, a better title for this week’s theme might be, “How do I know when it’s the best time for me to buy property?”
Because, as with any investment, if you don’t take the time to get to know your market and create a financial strategy, you increase your chances of not getting the results you desire.
Having a detailed understanding of these two areas also means that should you find the perfect property, you will recognise it, and be able to pursue it with confidence.
If you understand why you are purchasing a property, and not just the type of property you want to buy, then you are probably in a strong position to make some big decisions.

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