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Belouis Investment Group – How to Reduce Tax Exposure

Belouis Investment Group – How to Reduce Tax Exposure

While taxes are inevitable, it’s important to structure your affairs in such a way that you pay the least possible amount to keep the taxman happy. Obviously, laws are in place for a reason, and you don’t want the Australian Tax Office knocking on your door, but there are also opportunities for investors to minimise their tax, while giving the government it’s cut.

Our goal in tax minimisation is not to replace your financial advisor or accountant – in fact, you should keep as many good advisers around you as possible – rather, we aim to identify opportunities to pay less.

Regardless of whether your goal is increased savings, more properties in your portfolio or planning for an enjoyable and debt-free retirement, Belouis can offer you tangible advice, based on the current market, to potentially increase the money available to you.

The most common question we are presented with is, “how can I pay my mortgage off faster?” Tax plays an important part in being able to remove the monthly mortgage payment from your list of outgoings and put you in a position where you can either enjoy your retirement or simply work less.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist in potentially minimising your tax, and work with you in putting together a plan to pay your property off sooner, please click here.


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