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How Can Belouis Investment Group Help You?

How Can Belouis Investment Group Help You?

This blog has been written to answer a simple question in straightforward language – how can we help, and why should you listen to us?

We’re going to attempt to answer this without a sales pitch attached, or any attempt to say how great we are without evidence, but we’re very passionate about our business so apologies if it doesn’t work out that way.


  1. We Speak in Plain Language

We aren’t wheeling dealing big-city property investors – we’re a family owned business that helps other families get into the property market and improve their financial situation. We know the challenges you are facing, and listen to what you have to say. In fact, if there’s one thing we do really well, it’s speaking simply, and dealing with customers as people, not numbers.


  1. We Look for Opportunities


Whether it’s helping you get into your first home, reducing your tax exposure or helping you pay off your mortgage faster, we can present you with options, explain them clearly (see point 1) and help you in reaching a decision. We measure our own success on our ability to offer the best possible service, and to us, that means that you understand all options available to you, and how they relate to your particular circumstance.


  1. We Don’t do Sales Pitches


Our belief is that if we offer you enough relevant information for you to clearly understand the options available, then you will come to a confident and knowledgeable decision on your own. That decision may be not to proceed, or to move forward, but regardless you won’t get a hard-hitting salesperson telling you what to do. We have a loyal community because people choose to trust us, and forcing you into that trust is not only detrimental to our relationship, it impacts negatively on our business. If you want to work with us, then great – if not, then that’s fine too.


There, that wasn’t to “salesy” –  and that’s the point, our job is to communicate information and help you make a decision, not sell you into something.


If you’d like to chat more, click here.

The Belouis Team

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